Our "must have" tournament items TOP 5

Our "must have" tournament items TOP 5

The tournament season has arrived!

Intercollegiate Taikai, Steveston Taikai, World Kendo Championship and more!
All the regions will have their own tournaments, both domestic and internationally!

We would like to introduce our "must have" items that people winning the tournament use. Many successful kendokas in North America are using our products! Including many national team members residing in Canada and USA!

SHINAI: Shigemitsu Shinai
This dobari style shinai is our top selling shinai! The fat tsuka and the fine tip light balance helps you swing your shinai just as you imagined! Not only that, but this shinai is made with a high quality durable madake bamboo. Thus, you can continue using this shinai for many matches continuously.
Canada Kendo Player Model Shinai - Shigemitsu
Shigemitsu Shinai
KENDO GI: Indigo Dyed Tournament Kendo Gi
This kendo gi is noticeably lighter than the standard kendo gi.
In fact, the double layer kendo gi is approximately 1kg. This tournament kendo gi is ONLY 430grams! (Size dependent)
This is equivalent to more than one water bottle worth of weight removed from you, just with the kendo gi. 
This weight difference is noticeable the moment you are about to strike. The initial speed is different, and you can feel yourself much lighter.
Tournament Kendo Gi
Tournament Kendo Gi
KENDO HAKAMA: Indigo Dyed Tournament Kendo Hakama #6000
Just like the tournament kendo gi, this hakama is noticeably lighter than the standard indigo dyed. The standard #10000 hakama is 1.25kg, and this hakama is only 875grams. This is another 375grams of weight removed from you.
Tournament Kendo Hakama #6000
Tournament Kendo Hakama #6000
Tournament Kendo Gi and Hakama is available as a set!
Product Link: Click Here
Tournament Kendo Gi and Hakama Set
BOGU: Issen
Issen, tournament bogu set, is our top selling bogu if you want to focus on tournaments and matches. This set is also used by Japanese Police Kendo Team.
This bogu removed all the excessive weight; purely focusing on matches.
The standard bogu set (men, kote and tare)'s weight is approximately 2.8kg~3.0kg. This Issen Bogu Set weighs 2.5kg. With the combination of the tournament kendo gi, hakama and Issen set, this adds up to 1.3kg of the weight removed from you.
Tournament Bogu Set - Issen
Bogu Set - Issen
KOTE: Mine
This made in Japan kote is Budogu Zen's most recommended kote for any occassion. This kote allows your fingers to fit deeper than the standard kote, allowing you to have more natural gripping feel to hold a shinai. In addition to that, this kote's wrist is extremely flexible. Thus, you can have a high mobility when swinging a shinai. This kote is even lighter than Issen kote by 30grams.
Mine Kote Type M - Made in Japan Tournament Kendo KoteMine Kote Type M

There are many products that are available in North America that only we carry.
Especially now with the currency difference between Canada and USA, it makes it even more appealing for USA kendoka! 

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