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ISSEN - Tournament Men, Kote, Tare Set

ISSEN - Tournament Men, Kote, Tare Set

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Mengane: Enhanced duralumin
Men Futon: Datotsu-bui (striking area)'s core material buffered with special procedure
Uchiwa (Inner Ring): Antibacterial material
Chin: Standard ISG installed, 4 lines decoration.

Tenouchi: Micro Punch
Kote Gashira: 4D Type
Futon: Orizashi material, core material buffered with special procedure.

Hara-Obi: Short width finish
Finish: Bag finish
Futon: 5 lines decoration

This is a must get bogu if you do not want to lose to anybody.
The set includes  men, kote, and tare. ('Do' not included)
This bogu set is made specifically for shiai by removing as much inner material as possible aside from the striking area. The weight and softness is prioritized. You can maximize your performance with this bogu, and can determine the result in the close matches. You must get this bogu if you want to differentiate yourself from your rival.

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