Do you use a kendo bogu created by Japanese craftsman?
Budogu Zen is established with the motivation to spread Japanese tradition to North America.
The history of kendo and the history of kendo bogu is related to each other. Since the Edo Period, kendo bogu has supported the development of kendo in modern days. Now, kendo is recognized not only within Japan but internationally.
There are only three kendo bogu factories in Japan. Additionally, there are dozens of craftsmans who produce bogu individually. The production of kendo bogu in Japan is not high. However, you can feel the history of both kendo and kendo bogu from the commitment in selecting good materials and the dedication to make a comfortable bogu.
What kind of Kendo Bogu is necessary for Kendoka?
Looking flashy? Affordable price? 
 We've been practicing kendo for a long period of time. However, we didn't have many opportunities to know the quality of kendo bogu made in Japan. It is not the appearance, but you can feel the difference by actually holding it in your hands. You can no longer use a different kendo bogu. This is something that you can not express it in words. This is us, Budogu Zen.

About Our Products

All of our products are either produced in Japan or made in international factories qualifying Japanese quality standards. Our products are all well maintained and stored in a storage building located in Japan. Once we receive an order, the shipping department will prepare the order and will ship it out from Japan.

By shipping from Japan, our products can arrive to our customers’ home faster and has less possibility of being lost.

Official Technical Partnership with TOZANDO JAPAN

We have the Official Technical Partnership with TOZANDO JAPAN. This partnership allows us to provide great selections of high quality Japanese products.

BUDOGU ZEN helps local repair/adjustment services for TOZANDO JAPAN’s customers. TOZANDO JAPAN customers will receive a special discount for our repair/adjustment services. Please refer to Repair Page for more information.


武道具 禅について

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