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Tozando Indigo Tournament Kendo Gi

Tozando Indigo Tournament Kendo Gi

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Indigo dyed (Aizome) single layer kendo-gi. It is thinner compared to regular single layer kendo-gi.
It is great for summer practices, it is especially recommended for an important competitions and grading exams.
Many kendokas use indigo dyed kendo-gi for competitions and grading exams.
This indigo dyed kendo-gi that is as light as jersey kendo-gi will help maximize your performance.

There are occasions when there is no definite winner after fighting for 4 minutes or even longer.
After both kendokas dedicated in daily training, everybody will experience a long lasting fights.
Small difference in equipment can create a huge difference in outcome.
This item is strongly recommended for anybody who is determined to win.

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