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Mine Type M - Made in Japan Tournament Kote

Mine Type M - Made in Japan Tournament Kote

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【Made in Japan】

Futon: 6mm orizashi
Kote Gashira: Orizashi
Kote Gashira's Inner Material: Deer hair
Tenouchi: Kusube leather or Micro Punch

This made in Japan kote has an amazing natural fitting feeling.
Great for practice and tournament, or any occassions!

It is tailored in a special method by Mitsuboshi to ensure this kote doesn't restrict your movement at all.

Your ring finger and pinky goes in deeper than other kote; thus, you can feel the real "holding your shinai with your last fingers" feeling. 
Additionally, extremely soft wrist can let you swing your shinai in any directions that you want to, as if you're not wearing a kote.

It is a highly recommended kote by Budogu Zen.

This kote is produced as we receive the order.
It may take up to 3-4 months to be shipped out.


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