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WADO - Koto Jissengata Fat & Short Grip Shinai

WADO - Koto Jissengata Fat & Short Grip Shinai

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Shikumi Set

This shinai uses high quality Taiwan keichiku bamboo.

This koto jissen-gata style shinai has an extremely fine balance with the combination of short tsuka.

The koto style allows the shinai to be more solid, effective to fight in a far distance.
The jissen-gata style allows the weight balance to be closer to the handle to have more freedom to swing the shinai.

In addition, the short tsuka, with the dobari part of the shinai locating 3cm lower than the standard shinai creates an extremely unique and fine balance to fight both far and close distance.

It is effective for anybody who wants to execute dynamic strikes and also countering strikes.

Grip Size: 28mm

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