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VIXIA Kendo Gi and Hakama Set

VIXIA Kendo Gi and Hakama Set

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Mitsuboshi Jersey Kendo Gi and Hakama set! It is cheaper than buying it individually.

New material "High Cool" excels in absorption and dries fast. It also doesn't stick to your body.
Sweat dries quickly in the summer, and your body will not get cold from your sweat during the winter.
The weight is more surprising. With the combination of kendo-gi and hakama set, it is 500grams lighter than the normal set; which is equivalent to the weight of one bokuto.
Although it is a light fabric, it is not transparent and fabric is made to look similar to the regular kendo-gi.
Thus, the appearance is also great.

This fabric has an ability to maintain its shape; thus, it will not get wrinkle after washing it.
In hakama only sewed the inner side, but this also sews the outer side so it can maintain the crease completely. 


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