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Swirl Sakura Tsuba

Swirl Sakura Tsuba

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Kendo tsuba that will not break, peel, nor deform.
It has one point sakura design.
Both dragonfly and sakura design are both favoured by samurai.

"Flower is sakura, human is samurai" is an old saying in Japan. Samurai favoured sakura design because sakura blooms and falls beautifully which was relatable to how samurai lived.

Outer Diameter:
M-Size (83mm diameter x 8mm thickness)
L-Size (88mm diameter x 8mm thickness)

Inner Diameter:
M-Size (29mm)
L-Size (32mm)

Weight: Approx. 40grams
Colour: Blue, wine (dark red), and purple
Material: Polycarbonate resin
Made in Japan

M-Size (Shinai size 36: Elementary student)
L-Size (Shinai size 37, 38, 39: Junior high, high school, and adult)

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