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Shiro-Gashi (White Oak) Bokuto

Shiro-Gashi (White Oak) Bokuto

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Tsuba and Tsuba Dome

This shiro-gashi (white oak) bokuto is high end bokuto that is carefully produced in Japan.
Only the high quality white oak wood with wood grain in order is carefully selected to make this bokuto.

This bokuto is manufactured at a factory owned by traditional craftsman at Jo-shi in Miyazaki prefecture using a domestic wood that is properly dried.

It is made hard and durable; thus, it can be used for all sorts of purpose.
Example: kendo kata, sparring, suburi, etc.

3 sizes available: Long, Medium, and Short.

通常の白樫材の中から、さらに品質が良く、木目が整っている物のみを厳選し、峯は剣峯、柄頭は半丸加工を施した高級仕様の白樫木刀大刀です。十分に乾燥させた国産の材料のみを使用し、宮崎県都城市の伝統工芸士の工房で製作された高品質な仕上がりとなっております。 堅さ・粘り共に優れておりますので、剣道形・打ち合い・素振りにと万能型の木刀です。


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