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Men Himo - Katauchi Take (Bamboo)

Men Himo - Katauchi Take (Bamboo)

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This men himo is well made and can tie very firmly.
You can also select 'Ume (plum)' and 'Matsu (pine)', and you can also purchase do himo as well.

Please try them out as a set! 

【Difference between the 3 types】
The number of threads braided in the himo is different.

・'Ume (plum)' - Has least number of threads. Easy to tie but less durable.
'Take (bamboo)' - Median of Ume and Matsu.
'Matsu (pine)'  - Has most number of threads. Himo itself will be thicker and durable, but may be hard to tie.


しっかりと織り込まれたこの堅打面紐は、しっかりと面を締めることができます。 他に『梅』・『松』といった種類もございます。 また「松・竹・梅」の胴紐もございます。ぜひセットでどうぞ!

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