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Made In Japan Custom Kote [旭峰 Kyokuho]

Made In Japan Custom Kote [旭峰 Kyokuho]

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【Made in Japan】

Futon: 6mm pitch indigo dyed deer leather
Kote Gashira: Indigo dyed deer leather
Kote Gashira's Inner Material: Deer hair
Tenouchi: Kusube leather
Namako: 1 Line

Bogu series "Mine" is a signature product of Mitsuboshi, the brand with tradition and technology.
This bogu set has high determination with material and stitching; it has nothing is compromised. Even though it is a machine stitched bogu, Mitsuboshi's original stitching method will allows this kote to be soft and remains durable for a long period of time.
Deer leather is used for all leather area. The more you use the more it fits into your hand.
You can feel Japanese's traditional technology from the deer leather's unique texture.
This kote is recommended for kendoka looking for "true good" bogu with a combination of appearance and functionality.




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