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Kiri (Paulownia) Bokuto

Kiri (Paulownia) Bokuto

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This bokuto is made in Japan using kiri wood (paulownia).
Historically, this wood was commonly used to make a box to store a weapon or dishes.

It is extremely lightweight and not meant for any activities with physical contact.
This bokuto can be maximized in its use during a sword dance performance or suburi practice to stay relaxed.

It is also recommended for anybody with shoulder injuries or women and children.

Available in 2 sizes: Long and Short.
Long size's weight is approximately 200grams.

It requires to 2~3 months to produce it if out of stock.

【What is Kiri Wood?】
It is a deciduous broadleaf tree that is found in south side of southern Hokkaido, Japan.
It's a very soft and light material. This wood is said to be the lightest material available in Japan. The material has a very little crack and bend, so it is very good for precision machining. This material is well known for blocking a humidity and has a low thermal conductivity. It is also common to be used as an inner material for the safe box.

**Tsuba and tsuba dome are sold separately. / 鍔と鍔止めは別売りです。






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