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Kanmuri Winning Carry Bogu Bag

Kanmuri Winning Carry Bogu Bag

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Kanmuri is a renowned kendogu bag brand in Japan, particularly popular amongst high school, university and frequent tournament attendees. This is thanks to their robust and convenient design combined with a distinctive and professional appearance.

Made from techno leather, this a very durable bogu bag in a compact size. It has an adjustable shoulder strap to allow you to carry it hands free, but it also features wheels and an extendable handle allowing it to convert into a travel bag. The side of the bogu features ergonomically designed pads to cushion against your body whilst carrying over your shoulder reducing the burden.

Finally the structure is reinforced a long the bottom and sides with resin boards to prevent wear and tear and provide protection to your precious bogu inside.

Approximate Dimensions: 56cm by 44cm by 32cm

Available in 5 colours:

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