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Isu (Iron Wood) Bokuto

Isu (Iron Wood) Bokuto

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Tsuba and Tsuba Dome

This Isu (Iron Wood) Bokuto is very popular type used not only for kendo kata, but for all sorts of martial arts.
Only isu wood that is fine-grained with natural colour is carefully selected in southern Kyushu is used to make this bokuto.
This makes this bokuto have luxurious looks.
This hard and durable bokuto is very popular to all sorts of people.

This bokuto is manufactured at a factory owned by traditional craftsman at Jo-shi in Miyazaki prefecture using a domestic wood that is properly dried.

【What is Isu?】
Formal name is Isu-no-ki (distylium racemosum).

Distylium racemosum is a broad-leaved tree of the genus Distylium racemosum, which can be found in southern Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku and Okinawa.
The wood is known to be very hard and has a fine texture.
This beautiful colour varies from a cream colour to dark chocolate colour close to Sunuke wood.

It is harder than oak wood; it is recognized to be the hardest wood available in Japan.
It is famous being used for Yakumaru Jigen-Ryu, Nodachi Jigen-Ryu, and Shingen-Ryu.

Recent years, Sunuke wood's core material is extremely rare.
Thus, Sunuke bokuto is used as a gift.

Additionally, Isu wood is considered as a good fortune wood and it is also called as "Yusu wood".
This wood is very popular and used for all sorts of wood arts aside from bokuto.

Bokuto's Size:
- Long size: 101.5cm
- Medium size: 91cm
- Short size: 54.5cm

**Due to the high demand, it may take up to 3 months to ship it.




中刀 (91cm)

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