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HIRYU - 3mm Lightweight Clarino Fit Stitch Bogu Set

HIRYU - 3mm Lightweight Clarino Fit Stitch Bogu Set

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Men Futon: 3mm clarino fit stitch, men-tare diagonal stitch
Chin: 5 line decoration
Mengane: IBB Duralumin

Futon: 3mm fit stitch
Kote Gashira: Yoroi armour type
Tenouchi: Micro Punch

Mune: Crozan Leather
Do-dai: Yamato do-dai

Futon: 3mm clarino fit stitch
Tare Obi: Orizashi Yoroi armour type
Decoration: Line decoration: 5 lines

This bogu set is great for anybody looking to upgrade their current bogu set!

The motto of this bogu is "affordable machine stitched bogu with a hand stitched bogu feeling". The fit stitching method was invented and it is a very unique way of stitching allowing the bogu to fit to your body perfectly. 

Even though, this is a machine stitched bogu, softness and the feeling of futon is just like a 1.5bu hand stitched bogu!
The additional black dragonfly (tonbo) design makes this bogu more fashionable!

 The men is lightweight and has the solid feeling like hand stitched bogu.
The kote's knuckle is yoroi armour type, which helps you grip the shinai comfortably.
The decoration lines are added along the fingers so your strength can be applied to the shinai perfectly.
In addition, the wrist part has high mobility, helps you make a natural and long reaching strikes.

Tare is also lightweight, made soft to not interfere with your footwork.

You can choose 5 mune designs for your do!

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