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Do Himo - Katauchi Take (Bamboo)

Do Himo - Katauchi Take (Bamboo)

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This do himo comes in set of 4 himos. 

You can also select 'Ume (plum)' and 'Matsu (pine)', and you can also purchase men himo as well.

Please try them out as a set! 

【Difference between the 3 types】
The number of threads braided in the himo is different.

・'Ume (plum)' - Has least number of threads. Easy to tie but less durable.
'Take (bamboo)' - Median of Ume and Matsu.
'Matsu (pine)'  - Has most number of threads. Himo itself will be thicker and durable, but may be hard to tie.

 四本一組です。他に「竹」「松」といった商品もございます。 また「松・竹・梅」の面紐も7尺・8尺サイズをご用意しておりますので、 ぜひご一緒にお使い下さい。

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