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ISSHIN - Perfect Bogu Set for Beginners!! 6mm Air Stitch

ISSHIN - Perfect Bogu Set for Beginners!! 6mm Air Stitch

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Futon: 6mm orizashi stitch
Tenouchi: Artificial leather
Mune: Embossed crozan leather
Do-dai: Resin do
Tare: 5 Lines decoration

This is a go-get set for anybody who want to improve faster than your peers without making a mistake in selecting bogu.

This bogu set is highly recommended for anybody new to kendo.
Beginner's time is very important period to improve kendo.
Fastest path to improve kendo is to practice with a light functional bogu set.

It will interfere with your improvement if you use a stiff and heavy bogu.
This bogu set is made with very soft moving parts, which will allow you to practice naturally from the beginning. Padding is well made to ensure safety and helps you learn a proper kendo.

Please consider purchasing this bogu if you want to improve faster without making a mistake selecting a bogu.

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