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Anti-Bacterial Deodorant - Kabirazu

Anti-Bacterial Deodorant - Kabirazu

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This item helps prevent your bogu or any sports equipment from mold!
Vaporized gas will prevent mold from growing and stops the bad odour.

Item comes with 2 bags (1 gram (approx. 5cm x 5cm) x 2 bags)

● Use ●
- Shoes, bags, golf bag, and other small items that often mold easily.
- Storing space such as closet, drawer, storage, shoes box, and book shelf.
- Area near water such as sink, bathroom, washroom, kitchen, and washing machine.
- Filter for A/C, Car A/C, and vacuum.
- Storing boxes such as cardboard box.

● How to Use ●
- Take it out from a package, place the non-woven bag at a location where you are concern about mold.

● Length of Use ●
- It is time to replace it once the powder inside the non-woven bag is gone.

● Component ●
- Anti Fungal Agent

● Caution ●
- Do not use in other purpose.
- Keep it away from children and pets.
- If you start feeling unwell while using it, stop immediately and go see a doctor.
- If the item/area is already has mold, use this product after cleaning it first.
- This product is not edible. 



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● 使用上の注意 ●

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