Our Products in Victorious Action!!!

Our Products in Victorious Action!!!

The Men's Open Champion of the Canadian National Kendo Championships, Shion Miyashita from Sturgeon Kendo Club, wore our products during the championships.

We can confidently say that our products are favoured and used by many top players in the world and it helps them perform very differently.

I would like to introduce all the products Shion Miyashita was using during his victory.



Bogu: Issen Bogu Set + Mokkei Kote

Our top selling tournament bogu set, Issen, is the crucial equipment you must have to make your performances better. Once you wear this bogu set, it is noticeably lighter than the other bogu set. It helps you have the top initial speed when you are committing to strikes. 

Tournament Bogu Set Issen

Mokkei Kote is our top selling kote. Although it is made in Japan, the pricing is very affordable as it is mass produced to reduce the cost of each pairs. The flexibility in the wrist allows you to execute any sorts of striking. This is also the same kote that Daiki Kiwada Sensei was wearing when he won the 2012 All Japan Kendo Championships. 

Mokkei Kote

Kendo Gi and Hakama: Tournament Set

Our Indigo Dyed Tournament Kendo Gi and Indigo Dyed #6000 Hakama Set are the highly recommended set to wear if you want to maximize your performances at the finest. Although it is made in cotton with the traditional indigo dye, you can feel that it is as light as a jersey set. Or even lighter! This is a great set to wear for tournaments and gradings.

You can purchase them separately, but also available in set!

Tournament Kendo Gi + Hakama Set

Shinai: Team Canada Player Model - Shigemitsu

Shion used the Team Canada Player Model Shinai - Shigemitsu to complete at the championships. Shigemitsu shinai is a fat grip dobari shinai that is made with a madake bamboo. It is definitely a high quality shinai with a great balance. This shinai is also a top selling product of Budogu Zen.

Team Canada Player Model Shinai - Shigemitsu


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