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TOZANDO Made In Japan Double Stitch Kote [修道 Shudo]

TOZANDO Made In Japan Double Stitch Kote [修道 Shudo]

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【Made in Japan】

Kote Gashira: 2 lines decoration, 1 line namako
Leather: Indigo dyed deer leather from Nara prefecture.
Futon: Tornado stitch, ouji-gata style
Tenouchi: Smoked deer leather from Nara prefecture

This kote pursuits to "protect", which is the original purpose of kendo bogu. Even though, the amount of the padding remains the same (same weight), it has an amazing shock absorption ability. This is possible by alternating the width of the stitching between wide and narrow.
The more you stitch the more padding will be compressed and harden. This will be no good no matter what material is used. On the other hand, it will not function as a protector if you do not stitch enough.
The fine balance between the two stitching made it possible from tornado stitching. It is made to be very functionable; and yet, has good protection. It is recommended for dedicated instructors.




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