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TESSHIN - Double Stitch High Protection Bogu Set

TESSHIN - Double Stitch High Protection Bogu Set

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Men Futon : Head 12mm x 4mm stitch, shoulder 4mm stitch
Mengane: Duralumin
Chin: 4 Lines decoration
IBB Safety Guard is equipped to protect you from missed tsuki.

Kote Gashira: 2 lines decoration, 1 line namako
Material: Orizashi
Futon: 12mm x 4mm Tornado stitch

Hara-Obi: 8mm x 4mm double stitch
Futon: 12mm x 4mm double stitch for big tare, 8mm for small tare

This bogu set made in Double Stitch Method, giving kendoka an extra protection during their practice.
The intention of this bogu is to protect you from daily training.
The stitching width of 12mm allows the padding to be more fluffy, extra absorption to reduce the impact from receiving strikes.
The 4mm stitch width creates secure and durable bogu. 

This bogu is highly recommended for daily training, specially for instructors and female practitioners. 

**Do is no included.
**Men size 65cm is made upon order and it requires 3.5~4 months.

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