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PVC Wide Bogu Bag for Travelling

PVC Wide Bogu Bag for Travelling

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This is a new modern bogu bag with a good looks and highly functional bogu bag!

List of Why PVC Carry Bogu Bag is Great!◇

1. PVC material is used for the whole bogu bag to make it luxurious.
2. Casting metal part is used to increase the durability of shoulder strap.
3. Mesh is installed to increase the looks and cushioning on the side.
4. There is an inner pocket to store your tenugui.
5. Backside of this bogu bag is designed to ease the pain on your back when you carry it on your shoulder.
6. Flex pad is used to have a high cushioning function when you carry it on your shoulder.
7. The front side pocket is detachable, and you can put an embroidery in large writing.
Reinforcing plastic is used to increase the durability, which will prevent this bogu bag from ripping.
8. Zipper that is easy to grab is selected based on ergonomics.
9. Belt is stitched horizontally to prevent it from twisting.
10. There is a space to store your shoes in the bag when entering a gymnasium or dojo.
11. It comes with a name tag that you can put your business card and/or name tag that is embroidered.

Dimensions: Length: 60.5cm x Height: 44cm x Width: 33.5cm
Weight: 2kg


5.防具袋裏側には防具袋を担いだ際に腰や御尻への圧力・痛さを無くし、折り畳みし易い配置。 6.防具を担ぐ時のことを考えたクッション製十分なフレックスパッド!

60.5センチ(幅)×44センチ(高さ)×:33.5センチ(幅) 重量:約2キロ

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