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GRIP MASTER - Perfect shinai to train your grip #28-#39

GRIP MASTER - Perfect shinai to train your grip #28-#39

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This shinai has flat surface on the right and left hand part of the tsuka.
Compared to the standard practice shinai, the grip fits inside your palm very firmly.
It will naturally help you hold the shinai with a correct grip.

The size is available from 28 to 39.

This shinai will help beginners to hold the shinai correctly, and it will help the high rank kendoka to have the feel of 'cutting'.
It will help you gain the sharpness to your swing.

It is patented by Tozando and Budogu Zen is the only bogu store in North America to sell this shinai.

**Tsuba and tsuba dome are sold separately. Please check our Shinai Accessories. 

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