About Tsuyoshi Hamanaka/濵中都考について

About Tsuyoshi Hamanaka/濵中都考について

Hello everyone! I am Tsuyoshi Hamanaka!
Today, I would like to talk about myself and how I got involved with BUDOGU ZEN.


I am a Japanese Canadian who was born in 1993. My parents immigrated from Osaka, Japan. Since my father used to do kendo, it was natural for me to start practicing kendo at the age of 8. Later, my sister started practicing kendo with me and my father decided to restart as well.
We were one of those family recognized as "kendo family", talking about kendo all the times. Practicing and talking about kendo was my normal life. My family also started Tozenji Kendo Club back in 2010.

I continued practicing kendo and was actively involved in events. I started visiting different clubs and dojos as I got older. When I was in high school, I became a member of Team BC and started training more competitively.

~University of British Columbia~

I studied at the University of British Columbia (UBC), and joined the kendo club there. UBC Kendo Club is a special club to me since my father was part of the club when he first came to Canada. My nafuda (name tag) was also UBC when I started kendo because the dojo's sensei was also teaching at UBC at that time. However, I was only registered under UBC and I didn't practice at UBC back then. Thus, I only met UBC members at local tournaments. So I was looking forward to joining the club as an university student and practice with everybody.
I became the president of the club since second year and started getting involved in leading practices.

We were fortunate to have many dedicated members practicing weekly. We  were successful in many tournaments including the Pacific Intercollegiate Kendo Tournaments. Not only in individual, but we got first place in the team competition multiple times during my student years. 
2016 Pacific Intercollegiate Kendo Tournament

~Kendo at University of Tsukuba~

During my senior year, I applied to be part of Go Global Program in UBC to go abroad for an exchange program. UBC had a partnership with 13 Japanese universities at that time. I immediately gave the list to my senpai and asked which university has the strongest kendo team. My senpai told me that the University of Tsukuba Kendo Team is the strongest, so I decided to go there during my fourth year.
Coincidentally, that was the year when Yuya Takenouchi, a member of University of Tsukuba Kendo Team at that time, won the 62nd All Japan Kendo Championship in 2014. It was very inspiring to witness a teammate I practice together to win the championships. The year I was at Tsukuba was one of the most important and precious time in my kendo career. 
In 2015, 16th World Kendo Championships was also held during the year I was in Tsukuba. Team Japan came to Tsukuba for a training camp. I was able to fight with all the Team Japan members during this time.  
2015 University of Tsukuba Kendo Team

~Team Canada~

 I was selected as a member of Team Canada for 15th World Kendo Championships in 2012. It was held in Novara, Italy. It was my first time witnessing all the kendo players from the world. It was an inspiring experience for me. During this WKC, I met so many people and I still keep in touch with many people.
Later in 2015, I was selected for Team Canada for 16th World Kendo Championships in Tokyo, Japan. This tournament was attracting many people's attention because it was held at Nippon Budokan. It was very inspiring to see so many kendokas getting together in one place from all over the world. I felt very fortunate to be part of this whole environment and gained so many memorable experience that can not be explained with words.
2015 Team Canada at World Kendo Championships


During my university years, I was doing multiple part time jobs and one of them was helping out international students. Aside from kendo, I was always interested in helping others. We even had many kendokas visiting from overseas! It was always fun to have them join our practices and take them around the town. After I graduated university, I started working for an educational agency in Canada. They recruit international students to study in Canada. After working there for 7 years, I am now working at a university as a school staff.

It was always a challenge for visiting kendokas to prepare equipment. They do not always arrive to Canada with their bogu. It is also common for us to have visitors who are restarting kendo in Canada. We often gathered past members' equipment, but it didn't always fit them properly. I started thinking it would be great if we can have an access to a proper kendo equipment so they can maximize their performance. It would benefit our local members to improve as well. Therefore, while I was working at an educational agency, I have been giving kendokas a heads up that they can practice kendo here too.

After practicing for so many years, you can tell that using a familiar equipment is very important. The quality of the equipment can influence your performance a lot. I've tried so many kinds of equipment and the difference is very noticeable. I want everybody to experience this difference as well. I am also the head instructor of both UBC and Tozenji Kendo Club, and became the assistant coach for the BC Junior Team at the recent Canadian Nationals Junior Kendo Championships. From these experience, I want to contribute to local kendo communities by bringing in a proper kendo equipment and more experienced kendokas.

In 2022, we started BUDOGU ZEN. This store will provide equipment made in Japan or any items that qualifies Japanese standard to help both local and international kendokas to have access to them anytime. Since we have a local Japanese craftsman, we can provide all sorts of repair and adjustment services as well! Please do not hesitate and contact us anytime!
2016 Pacific Intercollegiate Kendo Tournament

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大学4年生の時に、UBCのGo Globalプログラム経由での交換留学の申請をしました。当時うちの大学は13校の日本の大学との交換留学の提携を持っており、その中で一番剣道部が強い大学へ行こうと決めました。先輩に13校のリストを見ていただいたところ、筑波大学の体育会剣道部が一番強いと教えていただいたので、筑波大学への交換留学に申し込みました。











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