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VIXIA TRADITIONAL - Orizashi Jersey Kendo Gi

VIXIA TRADITIONAL - Orizashi Jersey Kendo Gi

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VIXIA Traditional is a machine washable kendo gi with an authentic orizashi kendo gi looks.
It has the traditional sashiko style appearance while it is lightweight and jersey kendo features.

This kendo gi is definitely the one to get if you are looking for something that you can wear anytime at anywhere in any occasions.

It is highly recommended, life changing kendo gi.

Recommended Sizing:
1 - 140~150cm
1.5 - 145cm~155cm
2 - 150cm~160cm
2.5 - 155cm~165cm
3 - 160cm~170cm
3.5 - 165cm~175cm
4 - 170cm~180cm
4.5 - 175cm~185cm
5 - 185cm~

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