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Smoked Dobari Shinai [風林火山 Furinkazan]

Smoked Dobari Shinai [風林火山 Furinkazan]

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This shinai is more durable by smoking the bamboo. This dobari-style shinai is recommended for kendoka with lots of combination strikes. It is durable and looks great.

The word "風林火山 (Fu-rin-ka-zan)" is engraved; this popular wording was used by famous samurai, Shingen Takeda. It has a meaning of "as fast as the wind, as quiet as the forest, as daring as fire, and immovable as the mountain".
Try fighting your opponent with this meaning in your spirit.

Grip Size:
- 37 MEN'S: 23mm
- 37 WOMEN'S: 23mm
- 38 MEN'S: 25mm
- 38 WOMEN'S: 24mm
- 39 MEN'S: 27mm
- 39 WOMEN'S: 25mm

**This shinai is bamboo only. Please also add a Shinai Shikumi Set from Shinai Accessories if you want a complete set. (この商品は竹のみです。仕組みセットはShinai Accessoriesから追加でご注文ください)


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