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RENGETSU - Dobari Skinny Blade Women's Shinai

RENGETSU - Dobari Skinny Blade Women's Shinai

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Shikumi Set

This shinai uses high quality keichiku bamboo.
The whole blade (body) of the shinai is designed narrow; and yet, has a dobari shape.

This shape of the shinai allows you to quickly adapt to the fight and perform various types of waza.
Great shinai to fight in various distance, any waza, and any moment.
Perfect shinai for all rounder kendokas.

It is also a highly recommended shinai for anybody who's starting to compete competitively.

Grip size:
- Women's 37: 22mm
- Women's 38: 23mm
- Women's 39: 24mm


Shinais that qualifies the special criteria are picked out. (Weight, balance, location of the knot, etc.)
Addition to that, craftsman adds additional touch to the shinai to refine it to make a perfect shinai.
Only 10% of the whole batch meets this criteria.

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