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Made In Japan Indigo Dyed Kendo Hakama WAKON- #8800

Made In Japan Indigo Dyed Kendo Hakama WAKON- #8800

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Bushu indigo dyed hakama from Saitama prefecture is the highest quality hakama made in Japan.
Fabric is dyed at the stage it's still a thread called "pre-dyed".
Indigo dye remains for a long time because the each threads are dyed individually. Whereas, regular indigo dyed hakama is dyed after fabric is made.

Standard fabric weaving machine runs in high speed precisely; thus, fabric can not be weaved anymore if indigo dye sticks to the machine.
The machine made to weave the pre-dyed fabric runs slower to produce the fabric.
The fabric is delicate and can not see a big difference with regular indigo dye in picture.
However, you can see a difference in dye's deepness and texture once you grab it with your hands. The dye lasts for a long time as well.
There is a strong determination in making this hakama.

Members from Japan Budogu Craftsman Association lead by Japanese dresser use their skilled technique to tailor this item.
This hakama is made from the best material and the best technique.
Fabric's number gets higher the more thread is kneaded into it.
Fabric with a higher number has higher density and more durable.

There is no other hakama that is more suitable for grading and gift.

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