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Made In Japan Custom Tare SEIHO

Made In Japan Custom Tare SEIHO

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【Made in Japan】

Futon Stitching: 6mm pitch artificial leather
Tare decoration: 4 lines
Edge leather: Artificial leather
Gaku Stitch: Yes

"Mine" is a very popular kendo bogu in Japan. Mitsuboshi's accumulation of 50 years of technology made a futon that dominates other bogu. The original 'pitch stitching' stitches each stitching wider than usual. This allows the texture and functionality equivalent to hand stitch bogu.
It fits your body the more you use it, but the condition remains the same for a long period of time.
Artificial leather is used to have a high water resistant and durable bogu. It is a high end product with a combination of Japanese tradition and technology.
Production period is 5 month.

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