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Made In Japan Custom Men [天峰 Tenho]

Made In Japan Custom Men [天峰 Tenho]

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【Made in Japan】

Men Futon: 6mm pitch orizashi
Uchiwa: Cotton
Ear leather: Embossed crozan leather
Mengane: Duralumin
Chin: Indigo dyed deer leather

Kendo practitioner's longing bogu "Mine". This is a culmination of 50 years of skills. Craftsmans taking over the skills of Craftsman Tahara, the best men craftsman in Japan, carefully makes this bogu.
Mitsuboshi's original manufacturing method made it possible to make this bogu set's comfortableness equivalent to hand stitch bogu.
Unlike a bogu set made in foreign factory's assembly line, this men futon is made one by one. Please give a try and experience it.

Men Himo - Nami (7 Shaku) and  Men Chichikawa - Standard are included with the men. If you are interested in other men himo and/or chichikawa, please take a look at Bogu Accessories and purchase it separately. / 面紐(並 - 7尺)乳革(ベーシック)が含まれております。他の面紐や乳革をご希望の場合はBogu Accessoriesから別途ご購入ください。




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