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Made In Japan Custom Men [青峰 Seiho]

Made In Japan Custom Men [青峰 Seiho]

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【Made in Japan】

Men Futon: 6mm pitch artificial leather
Uchiwa: Cotton
Ear leather: Embossed crozan leather
Mengane: Duralumin
Chin: Artificial leather

Kendo practitioner's longing bogu "Mine".
Mitsuboshi's original manufacturing method made it possible to make this bogu set's comfortableness equivalent to hand stitch bogu.
Unlike a bogu set made in foreign factory's assembly line, this men futon is made one by one. Please give a try and experience it.

This men is tailored by Japanese craftsman for each customer.
This is a culmination of 50 years of skills. This men created by craftsmans taking over the skills of Craftsman Tahara, the best men craftsman in Japan. It has a great fitting feeling to your body. You can feel Mitsuboshi's 50 years of history from this men.
Production period is 5 month.

Men Himo - Nami (7 Shaku) and  Men Chichikawa - Standard are included with the men. If you are interested in other men himo and/or chichikawa, please take a look at Bogu Accessories and purchase it separately. / 面紐(並 - 7尺)乳革(ベーシック)が含まれております。他の面紐や乳革をご希望の場合はBogu Accessoriesから別途ご購入ください。




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