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Made In Japan Custom Do [天峰 Tenho]

Made In Japan Custom Do [天峰 Tenho]

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Mune: Embossed crozan leather
Do-dai: Resin black

Kendo practitioner's longing bogu "Mine". The do-dai and mune is tailored at the factory in Iwate prefecture. It is made to fit your body by adjusting the angle of do-dai and mune precisely. It requires some time to produce it as every do is custom made.
Production period is 5 month.

Do Himo - Nami is included with the do. If you are interested in other do himo, please take a look at Bogu Accessories and purchase it separately. / 胴紐(並)が含まれております。他の胴紐をご希望の場合はBogu Accessoriesから別途ご購入ください。



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