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Made In Japan Custom Bogu Set [天峰 Tenho]

Made In Japan Custom Bogu Set [天峰 Tenho]

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Men Futon: 6mm pitch orizashi stitch
Uchiwa: Cotton
Ear Leather: Embossed crozan leather
Mengane: Duralumin
Chin: Indigo dyed deer leather

Futon: 6mm pitch orizashi stitch
Kote Gashira: Yatsu-gata
Kote Gashira's Inner Material: Deer hair
Tenouchi: White deer leather
Namako: 1 Line

Do-dai: Reinforced resin black do
Mune: Embossed crozan leather

Tare-obi, O-tare, Ko-tare: 6mm pitch orizashi stitch
Tare Decoration: 4 Lines
Edge Leather: Indigo dyed deer leather
Gaku Stitch: Yes

Bogu set "Mine" is a signature product of Mitsuboshi, the brand with tradition and technology. Each set is all full custom made.
This bogu set has high determination with material and stitching; nothing is compromised. Even though it is a machine stitched bogu, Mitsuboshi's original stitching method will allow bogu to be soft and remain durable for a long period of time.
This bogu set is made to have fine balance between the comfortableness and durability by using orizashi.
"Mine" series' men is known for not shifting. You can experience Japanese craftsman's skill with affordable price.
You will be surprised with how comfortable "Mine" series are compared to other bogu sets.
Production period is 5 month.




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