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Lightweight High Tech Do [空 Ku]

Lightweight High Tech Do [空 Ku]

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Mune: Tet knit
Do-dai: Black resin do

This do uses new technology and material to overturn the standard do. The new material, tet knit, is used to make it dry faster and light weight. In the past, the standard do uses crozan leather which is made by black coloured cow leather. Tet knit allows do to be lightweight and good appearance.

Do Himo - Nami is included with the do. If you are interested in other do himo, please take a look at Bogu Accessories and purchase it separately. / 胴紐(並)が含まれております。他の胴紐をご希望の場合はBogu Accessoriesから別途ご購入ください。



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