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Shinai Single Edge Tsuka

Shinai Single Edge Tsuka

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Tsuka to assemble a shinai. This is an individual item. There is a black leather installed inside the edge to make it more durable. It also makes it look luxurious.

It is common to be used by kendoka from elementary student to high school in their competitions or going else where.

**We may change the size you requested if the size doesn't suit the shinai you purchased together.

竹刀吟柄仕組み用 単品での販売です。吟柄と床柄の違いは柄の上部に黒革が入っており柄革が丈夫になっています。また見た目が高級感があります。小学生から中・高校生には試合用や余所行き用としてご愛用していただいております。


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