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Double Stitch Men [鐡心 Tesshin]

Double Stitch Men [鐡心 Tesshin]

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Men Futon : Head 12mm x 4mm stitch, shoulder 4mm stitch
Mengane: Duralumin
Chin: 4 Lines decoration, IBB Safety Guard

This men uses 'W-stitch method', a patented new technology, which allows it to excel in shock absorption. Futon's (padding's) cushioning remains while increasing the durability by alternating the width of the stitching.
IBB Safety Guard is equipped to protect you from missed tsuki.
It is recommended for dedicated instructors.

Size 65cm is made upon order and it requires 3.5~4 months.

Men Himo - Nami (7 Shaku) and  Men Chichikawa - Standard are included with the men. If you are interested in other men himo and/or chichikawa, please take a look at Bogu Accessories and purchase it separately. / 面紐(並 - 7尺)乳革(ベーシック)が含まれております。他の面紐や乳革をご希望の場合はBogu Accessoriesから別途ご購入ください。

面布団:頭部12mm x 4mm刺


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