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Dobari Shinai [風鬼 Kazaoni]

Dobari Shinai [風鬼 Kazaoni]

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"Vertical surface shaving" method is used to keep the thickness of bamboo while making the tip narrow.
Dobari style shinai; the knot right above your right hand is made thick.
It is designed to have the centre of gravity close to your hand.

The combination of "vertical surface shaving" and centre of gravity close to your hand allows you strike very sharp.

This is a more affordable version of the madake bamboo shinai "Fuga (風牙)"

Grip size: 26mm

**This shinai is bamboo only. Please also add a Shinai Shikumi Set from Shinai Accessories if you want a complete set. (この商品は竹のみです。仕組みセットはShinai Accessoriesから追加でご注文ください)


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