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6mm Washable VIXIA Kote KU

6mm Washable VIXIA Kote KU

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Kote Gashira: Bio Mesh Material
Kote Gashira's Inner Material: Cotton
Tenouchi: Artificial Micro Punch
Futon: Bio Mesh Material
Decoration Thread: Black

New Product VIXIA Kote, Ku.

This kote has high durability and high shock absorbance.

It has thick futon; and yet, has flexible high range of motion.

Kote Gashira (knuckle part) uses a very fluffy soft cotton inside
The kote is made thick to maintain the protection.

The right kote's futon is made thicker than the left kote to have more protection for your daily practices. 

The futon tube is made straight to prevent kote to not flop up and down during practices.

VIXIA BIO MESH - Washable, Hygienic, Anti Bacterial, Fast Dry - 

Washable kote keeps everything hygienic!
The outer layer of the kote is made with dry mesh material, allowing high sweat absorbance but dries very fast.

The colour will not fade after washing and prevents from quick worn out.
It is recommended for a practitioner who practices a lot. 

The dumpy dimple structure reduces the surface area of the kote touching your skin; reducing the discomfort from sweating.
The mesh material allows this kote to be very breathable.

The whole kote is made very breathable.

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