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6mm Lightweight Tare RENBU A-1α

6mm Lightweight Tare RENBU A-1α

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Futon Stitching: 6mm orizashi
Hara-obi: Small width
Line Decoration: S-size (3 lines), M-size (5 lines)
O-tare: Diagonal stitching
Tare-himo: Thinner end

This tare is lightweight and comfortable with luxurious looks. Tare-himo is made thinner towards the end to make the obi fits your body very well. It is designed with a diagonal stitching. This helps kendoka to have a smooth footwork without tare getting into your way.
This tare has simple design with small details added with leather to have luxurious looks.
It has a good balance between the comfortableness and appearance.

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