Why Dragonfly?

Why Dragonfly?

In the past blog post, we explained about why we often use sakura design on our products.
Sakura is very common in kendo's decoration, but dragonfly design is also very common.

Designed Tsuba Dome - DragonflyDesigned Tsuba Dome - Dragonfly

In Japan, dragonfly (tonbo) is also known as Kachi Mushi (勝ち虫).
Kachi Mushi means "Winning Bug", and dragonfly is referred as that because of its nature.

Dragonfly flies around very quickly to catch their prey. It also only flies foward.
From that nature, samurais in Sengoku Period started using dragonfly design as it perfectly describes the idea of 不展退.

不展退 (Fu-Ten-Tai) is a Japanese saying describing the idea of "don't fall back, never retreat".
Samurais considered "never retreating as never losing" and liked this spiritual mindset.

 Designed Tsuba - Large Dragonfly
Designed Tsuba - Large Dragonfly


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