Why Do Americans Buy from Us??

Why Do Americans Buy from Us??

Why do Americans buy from us?? Why bother buying it from a Canadian bogu store while they already have bogu stores in USA?

You can actually benefit a lot more than you think if you purchase from BUDOGU ZEN!

The recent inflation is affecting us as everything's price is going up. Not only the kendo equipment but your daily needs too.

HOWEVER, now is your chance to take advantage of this situation by purchasing equipment from BUDOGU ZEN!

The currency difference between USA and Canada 

Currently, US dollar has appreciated by 30% against the Canadian dollar.
This means, you can purchase from our store in a much cheaper expense right now!

In addition to that, you do not need to pay any taxes at the moment of check out.
Check out our products for the whole selection of equipment that are used by top players in Japan!

What's so great about BUDOGU ZEN?
- All items can be purchased in 30% currency appreciation!
- Tax free! (**Custom fee may occur for any purchases over $800)
- High selection of products that top Japanese players also use.
- Back to School Sales are happening RIGHT NOW!

Check more details from the link below.