What's So Special About Deer Hair?

What's So Special About Deer Hair?

Deer hair is used inside the knuckle part of the kote.
However, have you ever wondered what's so special about deer hair?

Knuckle Part of Kote

Deer hair actually plays a very important role for kote.

Deer hair is actually shaped like a straw, and the inside is hollow.

Deer hair starts collapsing to your hand's shape once you start using a pair of kote.
Therefore, deer hair is a main factor why kote starts to fit into your hands!

Whereas, artificial cotton tends to go back to its original shape.
Therefore, kote with those cottons won't fit into your hands as much as the one with deer hair.

Craftsman uses this special stick to pack deer hair into a kote bits by bits.

Deer Hair Tool

Kote Shudo

Made in Japan Double Stitch Kote - Shudo