Reviving Kendo Gi and Hakama! First Service in North America!

Reviving Kendo Gi and Hakama! First Service in North America!

Budogu Zen now started re-dyeing service for kendo gi and hakama.
We are the first bogu store in North America that offers this service.

This is recommended for the following customers.
- Anybody who owns a kendo gi and/or hakama with sentimental value.
- Anybody who resides in Canada or USA.
- Anybody who wants look better in preparation for a grading exam.
- Anybody who owns hand stitched kendo gi.

Budogu Zen has repaired numerous amount of bogu since we started our business.

Amongst all, we’ve also received inquiries to re-dye their kendo gi and hakama.

Re-dyeing bogu requires small amount of indigo dye to use to redye the outer surface to refresh the look.

However, kendo gi and hakama requires a great amount of indigo dye to re-dye them.

In Japan, they request all the re-dyeing to Indigo Dye store and dye it back again using a huge tank of indigo dye liquid.
However, getting it done in Japan will require a very costly shipping fee.

It is also very difficult to get the indigo dye imported from Japan.
Importing makes it even more challenging because the amount it requires to re-dye a kendo gi and hakama is very big.

We often get many inquiries from customers with sentimental value to their belongings.
It was very difficult for us to tell them that we do not offer the service.

HOWEVER, we now have a contract with the company that can re-dye domesticaly!!

Indigo dye (aizome) will not be perfect after dyeing it once.
The indigo dye liquid is initially not blue, but has a mental like shiny surface and the liquid itself is closer to green.
After the dye makes contact with oxygen, that's when the colour turns into blue.

The colour that will go in is very light; thus, it requires us to repeatedly dyeing it over and over.
It usually takes 7 to 8 times to re-dye a kendo gi and hakama.

A kendo gi and hakama with the indigo dye liquid soaked is extremely heavy and it's a heavy physical labour task.
Although, the task is challenging, nothing can replace your valuable kendo gi and hakama.

We are updating the service as we try and adjust them to ensure the colour is beautiful.
We will invest our time to make your kendo gi and hakama revive back as if it's brand new.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!