~Picking Out a Comfortable Kote~ Explained by Kote Craftsman

~Picking Out a Comfortable Kote~ Explained by Kote Craftsman

Have you ever purchased an expensive kote, and ended up regretting it because you couldn’t hold your shinai properly, the wrist not moving, or you get tired holding a shinai?

You will never experience this again once you know what kind of kote to pick up.

The kote craftsman will analyze what are the key points to look when you purchase a pair of kote.

Our craftsman, Kazuki Unzei, who trained his craftsmanship in Japan will explain what’s a comfortable kote from craftsman’s point of view!

1st Key: Material
Material for a kote is extremely important. The recommended orders are the following:

1st - Leather (deer leather)
2nd - Orizashi
3rd - Artificial leather

Deer leather is by far the most comfortable material because the it stretches in all direction that is convenient to your movement.

It becomes more comfortable as you use them.

2nd Key: Wrist
The mobility of the wrist movement is crucial to execute consecutive strikes and counter strikes in kendo.

Please select a kote with a longer wrist part.
Recommended length is 5cm~6cm (Standard adult men size)

Wrist Part of the Kote

3rd Key: Tenouchi (Palm)
Tenouchi will determine your shinai’s grip.
You will get tired just from holding a shinai if the tenouchi is bad.

Please take a close look at the shape of the ring finger and pinky area.

If this area is made in narrow towards the finger tip, then there is not enough space for you to hold your shinai.

It is recommended to pick out the kote with a rectangular shape.
(Jodan player should pick out the narrower shape)

Tenouchi Part of the Kote
There are many other key points you should look out when picking out a kote.
The more details and modification the more time and labour is required in production.

Thus, it naturally becomes more expensive.

There are some bogu stores that may sell a pair of kote in high price because it is hand stitched, but barely no effort is put into those kotes.
Thus, you need to carefully take a look at the details of the kote.

Try checking out those three key points when you buy a pair of kote!!!

Kote - MokkeiKote - Mokkei

Kote - Mine Type M